4Front personnel have in excess of 25 years experience in dealing with chemical spill and chemical response.

We provide both theoretical and practical training for all ERT crews in dealing with chemical spill response. This training is tailored for dealing with large chemical spills greater than 10 litres.

4Front provides the following theoretical ERT training:

  • Understanding the chemical reactivity of different chemicals with each other.
  • Chemical reactivity in the environment.
  • Safety data sheet interpretation.
  • Crisis Management.

4Front provides the following practical ERT training:

  • Scenario based training of real life events.
  • Securing incident scene.
  • Victim safety after been exposed to chemicals.
  • Cross training of ERT and first aid personnel.
  • Debriefing.
  • Lessons learnt.

In addition to ERT training 4Front provides chemical spill training which includes the following:

  • Safety data sheet interpretation.
  • Securing incident scene.
  • Respiratory protection choice, recommend site specific.
  • Personnel protection equipment, recommend site specific.
  • Training can be tailored to individual sites.